PayQwick for Marijuana Businesses

We offer Marijuana businesses the ability to accept secure payments electronically. Our proprietary system reduces cash transactions and allows consumers to pay with a smartphone app or with the PayQwick card.

Our State-Law Compliance Program gives you and your bank the trust and confidence to know that all funds processed through PayQwick are BSA/AML compliant and safe for deposit into your bank account.*

You can even use your PayQwick Merchant Account to pay your excise taxes. You can also use it to send an electronic invoice from your PayQwick account to anyone who has a PayQwick account.

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Why PayQwick ?

Free, Fast Signup

Getting setup with your PayQwick account is fast and easy!

No Cash Needed!

Never lose cash again! Now you can pay with PayQwick!

Earn Rewards Fast

Get Rewards Qwicker™ with PayQwick’s reward program!

Customer Service

24/7 Dedicated technical support!

Use A Smartphone To Pay

Keep the cash in your pocket, just use your phone!

A Safer Way To Pay

PayQwick makes paying easy, simple and safe!

Free Mobile App

Download today and get started!


Pay For What You Need The Safe, Easy, and Discreet Way

You can load your PayQwick card directly by linking it to your local bank account, or even mailing us a check. But since there is no personal information on your PayQwick card, your identity can never be stolen if you lose the card.

PayQwick can be used to pay for other things as well. In fact, you can use PayQwick to buy paraphernalia at your favorite marijuana retail store.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for PayQwick and start paying the smart way.


Washington, Oregon’s and Arizona’s First

That’s right - PayQwick is a federally registered Money Services Business licensed by the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions, the Oregon Division of Finance and Corporate Securities and the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions as a money transmitter. PayQwick is the first money transmitter in Washington, Oregon and Arizona offering services to the medical/recreational marijuana industry.

PayQwick provides a fast, easy and safe way to make purchases at medical/recreational marijuana retailers.

Retailers cannot legally accept credit cards, and cash can easily be lost or stolen. Now, PayQwick gives you a simple and discreet way to pay for your marijuana (or anything else you want) at any location that accepts PayQwick.
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