Charters to bingo, casinos and malls have had a long-standing spot in our senior communities for some time, but there’s a new charter in town – the “CANNABUS”.

Laguna Woods Village in Orange County, California is a 55 and older active lifestyle community and a group from there responded to an ad for a senior shuttle that takes them to Bud and Bloom, a medical marijuana dispensary in a nearby town.

Worried and reluctant to use opioids and disappointed in the effectiveness of shots they have been given, these seniors, some in their 80’s, board the bus in order to give cannabis a try.  Arthritis, pain, insomnia and lack of appetite are all conditions that are common to seniors and ones that can be treated with cannabis.   They chit chat on the bus and for those who have tried it before, they compare stories about grandchildren giving them brownies or gummies. They carry shopping lists as if they were going to a grocery store itemizing CBD and THC products for themselves and for their friends.  They really don’t care what their other neighbors think.

Seniors are the fastest growing group with an interest in weed. Christy Diller, who is almost 80, has been using Marijuana brownies before bed to treat her arthritis and insomnia. “Nothing else helped me anymore,” she said.

Today’s dispensaries are upscale modern stores with products under glass cases, fancy bongs and seating areas, all which appeal to savvy seniors and are in direct contrast to the head shops from the ‘60’s.  Clerks and on-site pharmacists answer questions and offer senior discounts.  Bud and Bloom has an informational fair in the back of the store where various vendors provide sample oils and creams to shoppers.

So, seniors, grab your walkers and hop aboard the Cannabus for a very new and exciting adventure.  No doubt the shuttle will be coming to city near you!