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Cultivating a New Era of Enterprise

Join more than 7,500 cannabis industry leaders at Cannabis Business Summit & Expo, hosted by National Cannabis Industry Association, the largest event and growing every year. Cannabis Business Sum...
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ALL ABOARD THE CANNABIS BUS Charters to bingo, casinos and malls have had a long-standing spot in our senior communities for some time, but there’s a new charter in town – the “CANNABUS”. Lagu...
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CDOT Drugged Driving | Campaign Launch

What are your thoughts around driving and cannabis? Do you want the chance to voice your opinion? The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and PayQwick are working together on a first-of-its-k...
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M&A Booming in MJ

Despite the recent rescission of the Cole memo, marijuana businesses, stocks and investors perceive the industry as status quo, business as usual and poised for forward movement. Investors who are alr...
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Bipartisan Backlash to Sessions

Not only did Republican Senator Corey Gardner of Colorado blast AG Sessions’ rescission of the Cole Memo and not only is Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts leading a new effort to ...
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PayQwick Solves Cash Crunch 

Platform eliminates cash-only cannabis transactions Cannabis in any form is still classified a Schedule 1 controlled substance by the federal government, regardless of being legal in  a handful of st...
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Marijuana Goes Mainstream

So, we’ve all heard about the Snoop Dog and Whoopie Goldberg branding of marijuana products but lately things have gone a little more mainstream as companies, athletes and politicians get on the can...
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