How can PayQwick help my business?
PayQwick partners with licensed businesses to provide secure and compliant banking, treasury and payment solutions. Our highly automated platform centralizes receivables and payables and connects their supply chain through electronic payments and invoicing. We enable full visibility while providing reliable end-to-end solutions across our national network. Click here to learn more.
What services can PayQwick Offer?
• Deposit cash, check, ACH, wires, card settlements
• Pay bills
• Pay taxes
• Pay vendors
• Electronic payments and invoicing
• Robust reporting

Along with our strategic partners, we support businesses across all growth stages with the resources to flourish. From sourcing the right equipment to retail and merchant services to financing and access to capital, we make growth easier. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.  
Can PayQwick pick up cash?
Yes, PayQwick works with armoured couriers to pickup cash for clients, enabling them to easily distribute funds to pay vendors, parties within the PayQwick Financial Network, and others.
How can I move money?
Our online portal allows you to view available balances and make payments and transfers electronically.
Will my PayQwick account(s) be protected or insured?
Yes, FDIC insurance is passed through to every PayQwick client account. Additionally, we hold money transmission licenses in each state in which we operate. These licenses provide an added layer of security to ensure that our clients’ financial assets are preserved.
What is your approach to compliance?
PayQwick is fully compliant with state-laws and has a comprehensive BSA/AML Compliance Program, which includes seed-to-sale tracking, enhanced due diligence and ongoing monitoring of account and transaction activity.

PayQwick is registered with the Financial Crime Enforcement Network (FinCeN) which requires ongoing transaction monitoring, including the filing of all Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) and Currency Transaction Reports (CTR).
Where does PayQwick deposit my cash?
All client funds are deposited with PayQwick’s partner FDIC-insured financial institutions, which maintains a custodial account on behalf of PayQwick for our customers.
How can PayQwick help pay my taxes?
PayQwick works alongside clients to pay all necessary taxes in various payment forms. Our team will not only help pay your taxes, we will guide you through the process.
Where does PayQwick operate?
We operate a national network and hold money transmitter licenses in multiple states, and are rapidly expanding. Learn more about our national footprint here.
What is PayQwick's fee structure?
Our fees are typically a percentage of deposit volume. A fee schedule will be provided upon discussion with a PayQwick representative. 
Is my online application secure?
Yes. PayQwick uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure your online information is passed to us securely. This technology allows users to establish sessions with internet sites that are secure (with minimal risk of external violation). Once inside, SSL ensures all of your information is protected.
Once I begin my PayQwick application, can I complete the rest later?
Yes, you can come back to complete your application later, just make sure you use the same browser.