PayQwick for Businesses

Business Services

Merchant Services for marijuana businesses. If you are a marijuana Producer, Processor, Distributor or Retailer and want to accept electronic payments from your customers or from other marijuana businesses, PayQwick is the perfect solution. Our fully integrated electronic payment hub provides the tools necessary to pay and get paid electronically.

Features Include:
Our State-Law Compliance Program gives you and your bank the trust and confidence to know that all funds processed through PayQwick are BSA/AML compliant and safe for deposit into your bank account.

Deposit Funds

Deposit money into your PayQwick account via ACH. It’s free and easy!

Cash Management

Use PayQwick to manage your cash and where you put it!

State-Law Compliance Program

Our State-Law Compliance program keeps your business in business.

Armored Car
Cash Pick-Ups

Stay safe! Let the professionals pick up your cash.

Bill Pay

PayQwick makes it easy to pay your bills with just a click of your mouse!


Send electronic invoices with ease and require your customers to “escrow” (set aside) funds to pay you.

State Excise Tax Payments

Paying your state excise taxes is just a click away! Stop wasting time and money.