PayQwick for Consumers

Load Your PayQwick Account Easily and Securely

It has become super risky to carry cash to your marijuana retailer. There are more reports of cash being stolen every day. And most marijuana retailers only accepted cash. Until NOW!

PayQwick is a discreet, safe and convenient way to shop at marijuana Retailers. PayQwick is a federally registered Money Services Business licensed by the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions and the Oregon Division of Finance and Corporate Securities as a money transmitter. PayQwick is the first money transmitter in Washington and Oregon offering services to the medical/recreational marijuana industry. So now you don’t have to worry about bringing cash with you or swiping your debit card.

Plus, PayQwick rewards you every time you use the card through our Rewards Qwicker™ customer loyalty program. Earn points just by using the PayQwick smartphone app or your PayQwick card. Redeem rewards points for valuable merchandise and discounts. Ask your retailer how to sign up or click here. Then, load your PayQwick account and you are good-to-go.


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    Pay Anonymously

    PayQwick is the most discreet, safe and secure way to shop at marijuana Retailers. No personal information appears on your PayQwick card.

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    You Can Use PayQwick As Electronic Checks

    Simply link your preferred bank account to your PayQwick account. Once verified, you can keep up $1,000 in your PayQwick account to spend at all your favorite PayQwick locations.

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    Load Your Account By Mail If You Like

    Sometimes you just need to mail a check. Feel free to mail us a check for deposit into your PayQwick account.

Fast. Safe. Discreet.

The PayQwick payment solution allows you to pay quickly and safely. And since there is no personal information on your PayQwick card, your identity can never be stolen if you lose the card.

No need to carry cash anymore!
Stay safe! Use your smartphone or PayQwick
card to buy what you need.
Look for retailers who are part of the PayQwick payment solution and keep your cash safe!