PayQwick for Consumers

PayQwick is a discreet, safe and convenient way to pay.

Load your PayQwick account easily and securely

PayQwick is a federally registered Money Services Business licensed in multiple states as a money transmitter.

Quick, easy, and secure shopping

  • Pay Anonymously
PayQwick is the most discreet, secure and convenient way to pay. No personal information appears when you pay with PayQwick.
  • Link your credit/debit card and/or your bank account
Simply link your credit/debit card or your preferred bank account to your PayQwick account. Once verified, you can keep up to $1,000 in your PayQwick account to spend at all your favorite PayQwick locations.
  • Load Your Account By Mail If You Like
Sometimes you just need to mail a check. Feel free to mail us a check for deposit into your PayQwick account.