Bob Craig
Chief Executive Officer

Talal Al-Helo
Head of Technology

Peter Bolognese
Marketing and Media Consultant

Erica El Hilali
Head of Account Management

Jack McClafferty
Sales Executive

Zach Seiwerts
Head of Operations

Keith Marks, JD
Founder, Board Chairman

Andre Avellaneda 
Operations and Compliance Analyst

Timmy Bridges
Sales Executive

Dawit Fanous
Operations/Compliance Analyst

Parsia Moshiri
Chief Compliance Officer

Ferrukh Sheikh
Financial Controller

Joe Proto
Board Director

Chad Beverly
Sales Executive

Brittany Cano
Operations & Compliance Analyst

Kevin Greenberg
VP of Finance

Dean Odle
Head of Financial Institutions

Prema Wargo
Head of Financial Institution Strategy

David Friedman
Corporate Development

Brance Blair
IT Administrator

Michael Dietrich
Sales Executive

Kevin Lee
Software Developer

Keini Quarker
Human Resources Director

Rina Zourkos
Sales & Relationship Manager