PayQwick Customers Testimonials

“It’s a great service,” said Nguyen. “It’s good to not have to deal with cash.” Green Hands generates up to $300,000 a month is sales. “PayQwick is easy to use. We mostly deposit checks into the system; it goes right on my account. Before I had to get paid in cash. It was a hassle and not safe. PayQwick has been a big help to us and our growth.”Vince Nguyen
Green Haven
“Thank you so much for featuring us and thank you for the Solace that you bring yo our life being able to have banking…. not to mention we get to feel like grown-ups finally!!!”Robert Wood
“PayQwick came to my rescue after trying to get a legitimate legal marijuana bank account for 2 years. One of their representatives sent me an email one morning about how he could possibly help me, then he was at my house signing me up that same afternoon. The inspection was very helpful and I am very excited to be working with PayQwick.”Scott Barber
NW Kynd
“PayQwick has made it easier to deposit cash. With armored car pickups at our door, our cash flow has stabilized.”Roger Malaky
Herbal Nation
“PayQwick’s performance exceeds my expectations and their customer service follow-up is almost immediate just like their payment services. I am always surprised when the online money transactions happen immediately.We have not had any glitches with their bill pay service or making my deposits. If I make a mistake, they are very prompt about notifying me and making the corrections. PayQwick is like a trusted partner and I recommend them to our customers and vendors.”Webb Bowie
Tier 2 Producer-Processor